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Brew your own Bone Broth this Chinese New Year

Credits: MR MAXZI | 01 Jun 2021

Brew your own Bone Broth this Chinese New Year! When you’re the chef at home, everything is better when you are in full control of how you cook and what you eat. Select your choice of ingredients to personal preference of your seasoning. Level up your soup-base game and brew your own Bone Broth this Chinese New Year.



Here are 5 simple tips that guarantee you’ll achieve a good bone broth.


More Ingredients = More Flavourful?

Not entirely true! Keeping it simple with nothing more than quality bones and a few aromatics will do the trick. Aromatics such as vegetables, herbs and spices match well with bones to create a umami-packed concoction. The broth should be flavourful but not complex as the steamboat ingredients will be adding on layers of flavours through the meal.


Blanch Is A Must

If you’ve ever tasted a funky bone broth, it’s probably made without blanching the bone prior. This is an important step that you must not skip before roasting. Boiling removes any impurities from the bones. Plus, if you’re using the right bones, there might be some nasty bits! A real bone broth is made with bones and cuts of meat that are high in collagen (i.e. marrow, knuckles and feet). To blanch, cover the bones with cold water, bring to a rolling boil for about 45 minutes, then pour away the first boil of water and change to a new pot of cold water. Let them cook at an aggressive boil then simmer for 4 to 6 hours. This will give you a pleasant clear broth.


Always Roast the Bones

Roast them to toast them. Get that toasty brown from the caramelization which gives extra rich flavour. Bring the oven temperature up to 230°C and let your oven take over. A 15-minute quick roast wouldn’t quite do the magic, so roast the bones till they’re almost “too done”. Use this roasted bones to cook heavier-bodied brown broth.


Simmer Long Enough

How long is long enough? As long as you can, even slow simmering overnight! Thick and hardy bones offer loads of flavour. Simmering patiently gives time to release that richness packed within the bones. On the other hand, broths made with smaller, thinner bones, do not require long hours of cooking as the bones will disintegrate.


Letting the Finished Broth Cool

This is the quick trick to keep your precious broth fresher for longer. Once the bones are strained out, add ice and transfer the broth to a wide and shallow container to quickly cool down. As the broth has been simmered long enough, the ice added will not dilute your broth’s flavours. Do note to never put screaming-hot broth or food in the fridge! Putting hot items in the fridge without cooling down prior not only invites bacterial growth, it also increases the internal temperature of the refrigerator and therefore contaminating everything else in it.


From bones to broth, we’ll be sharing simple recipe to brew your own Bone Broth this Chinese New Year that you can prepare right at your kitchen to impress everyone at the reunion table. In Maxzi powered by Indoguna, our philosophy is always wholesome, wellness and healthier lifestyle.