Carne Meats Raw Berkridge USA Kurobuta Pork Collar Steak (150g)

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Carne Meats Raw Berkridge USA Kurobuta Pork Collar Steak Frozen (150g)

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The collar steak is a delectable 12-ounce slab of pork. It comes straight from the top of our juicy hog shoulder but has the intense tenderness you’d expect from a cut of the loin. It has a little bit of fatty trim that gives it a stellar flavor profile, and it tastes great.Kurobuta Pork is the most highly prized pork in Japan and comes from the ancient breed of pig known as Black Berkshire. The meat from the pure oriental strains of Black Berkshire, found in Japan, is regarded as the highest quality pork in the world.Berkshire distinguished itself above all the rest by coming out on top in six of seven categories for meat quality and three of four categories for eating quality. Berkshire hogs are often referred to as Kurobuta pork and is preferred by top chefs throughout the world. If you're looking for tender, juicy and almost melt-in-the-mouth meat quality, this is best pork steak to serve!

Thaw naturally in the fridge overnight. Many method to prepare either marinate or simply spice. Can cook in Pan Fry, Air Fryer, Grill, Roast.

Keep Frozen at -18°C or below.