Carne Meats Raw Frozen Beef Cote De Boeuf (500g)

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Carne Meats Raw Frozen Beef Cote De Boeuf (500g)

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The bone-in rib steak, or Cote de Boeuf, cut from ribs six through twelve, is full of flavor. It contains large eye muscle with elongated muscling, and is streaked with strips of fat that surround the rib eye. It has a good fat covering, and is usually prepared by roasting. Cote de boeuf is the king of roasting joints. Before cooking it, let your “cote de boeuf” defrost overnight in the fridge, out of its packaging, the meat will oxygenate and get red. When grilled on a BBQ, oven or pan searing, let the meat rest 5 minutes after cooking before cutting it.

Thaw naturally in the fridge overnight. Many method to prepare either marinate or simply spice. Can cook in Pan Fry, Grill, Roast.

Keep Frozen at -18°C or below.